Fast Bar Nuts + Cacao Chips 10 bars (PR374)

Item Description
By ProLon
Fast Bar has made sticking to your fasting goals more achievable. It curbs hunger without breaking your fast to help you reach your 16:8 or 18:6 fasting goals.* In other words, you can eat a Fast Bar and extend your fasting window to meet your fasting goals!

Who wouldn’t want to actually eat something as opposed to just drinking water?

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Serving Size:1 Bar
Servings Per Container:10

Nutrition Facts

Calories 210 Total Fat 18g (23% DV) Sat. Fat 3.5g (18% DV) Trans Fat 0g Polyunsat Fat 2.5g Monounsat Fat 9g Cholest. 0mg (0% DV) Sodium 60mg (3% DV) Total Carb. 13g (5% DV) Fiber 7g (25% DV) Total Sugars 5g (Incl. 3g Added Sugars 6% DV) Protein 5g (8% DV) Vit. D (0% DV) Calcium (4% DV) Iron (10% DV) Potas. (4% DV)INGREDIENTS: Almonds, Macadamias, Pecans, Chicory Root Fiber, Cacao Nibs, Honey, Coconut Flour, Flaxseed, Natural Flavor, Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract.