Yeast Arrest – 14 supp – (YEAST)

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• Do not use this product if you are experiencing abdominal or pelvic pain, fever or greenish foul discharge; you may have a more serious condition than a vaginal yeast infection. Please get in touch with your practitioner immediately.

• If you use this product and symptoms continue to recur, consult your practitioner.

• Do not use this product if you are pregnant.

• Do not take it by mouth.

• If accidentally swallowed, seek professional assistance or contact the Poison Control Center immediately.

• Do not use if internal tamper-resistant packaging has been altered.

• Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children.

A Natural Approach for Treating Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infections

Consider these healthy suggestions:

• Avoid sugar, fruits, fermented foods, simple carbohydrates, baker’s yeast, and alcohol.

• Eat plain lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt and fresh garlic

• Reduce Stressors

• Enjoy a diet of fresh vegetables and whole grains

• Utilize exercise, fresh air, and plenty of rest.

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Yeast Arrest is unlike any other natural vaginal suppository. Featuring a unique homeopathic profile for symptoms associated with vaginal yeast infections.*

Featured Ingredients:

• Unique homeopathic combination specific for symptoms associated with vaginal yeast infections: Borax, Sepia, Berberis aquifolium, and Kreosotum*
• Features an all-natural herbal and cocoa butter base, free of parabens and PEG
• Foil-wrapped suppositories are easy to use, sterile, and soothing


Effective natural homeopathic vaginal suppository for symptoms associated with vaginal yeast infections. Relieves burning, itching, and discharge


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